The Future of Fintech

Disruptive Smart Features for an Optimal User Experience

FiiiPAY is equipped with a full range of intelligent features including our patented Bluetooth payment technology which allows users to securely complete transactions even when offline. Developed to directly integrate with FiiiPOS, FiiiPAY is fast becoming an essential app in every phone.

Supports More Than
1,500 Cryptocurrencies

With virtually all major cryptocurrencies supported, FiiiPAY users enjoy unprecedented convenience and access in the cryptocurrency market

Supports Multi-Currency

No more troublesome trips to the money exchange as you can now travel and spend without borders with only the FiiiPAY app in your phone

API-Enabled for
Major Shopping Sites

Enjoy greater control and customisability for your e-commerce or shopping sites with an exclusive access to our FiiiPAY API dashboard

Bluetooth 4.0
Patented Technology

Our patented Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows users to complete transactions securely and efficiently even when offline


Enjoy faster payments direct from another mobile phone or through Touch & Pay via FiiiPOS

Compatible with Android
& iOS Systems

FiiiPAY runs in full compatibility with both Android and iOS operating systems, two of the most widely used systems

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